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Today, Parents expect more from Schools; and you can expect more from us. We are constantly working to help you win with improved curriculum, better teaching practices, smarter learning and efficient management tools. Our promise to you is – Great Education. Made Easy !

SWAP21 offers comprehensive pre-primary school program for ages 1 to 6 years. Unlike textbooks, we offer complete curriculum that includes resources required for the students, teachers, schools and parents. The curriculum designed meets the latest NCERT Guidelines and is based on the framework of Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), UK. It incorporates the 16 Habits of Mind to inculcate value education.

SWAP21 – KIT, provided in hard copy :

• Academic Table-top Calendar for each student
• Almanac / Parent’s Handbook for each Student
• Grade wise Workbooks for each Student

Pre Nursery & Nursery (Set of 5 workbooks for each Grade)

• Language – Reader & Workbook
• Math Workbook
• Concept Workbooks

Kindergarten 1 & 2 (Set of 8 and 9 workbooks respectively)

• Language – Reader & Workbooks (including Phonetics)
• Math Workbooks
• Concepts Workbooks
• Hindi – Reader & Workbook (Gyanmala)

Day Care Program (Age appropriate activity workbooks – Set of 2 Books as per age)

• Junior Level Workbook – (2 to 4 year olds)
• Senior Level Workbook –(4 to 6 year olds)

Grade wise Report Card Kit

• Learning assessment Report cards Term 1 & Term 2
• EYFS Report Card
• Portfolio file / folder
• Certificate

Centre Kit

• Facilitator’s Hand Book
• Annual Planners in A3 Size (for each Grade)
• Monthly Overviews in A3 Size (for each Grade, 10 months)
• Teaching Aids Manual for each Grade, each term
• Phonics Teaching Aid Manual for KG 1 and 2 Grades
• Habits of Mind Poster
• EYFS Poster
• SWAP21 Plaque for display in reception

Our SWAP21.COM Portal will offer easy access to the following:

Grade wise Resources
• Annual Planner
• Monthly Planner
• Weekly Planners
• Daily Lesson Plans
• Monthly Newsletter
• Positive Parenting Newsletters
• Mother Toddler – Daily Plan Manuals
• Day Care – Daily Plan manuals

Teaching Aids Manual for:
• Language
• Mathematics
• Concepts
• Phonics Guide
• Day care program

Center Manuals
• Special Days, Events & Festivals Manual
• Summer Camp Manual
• Pre Learning Program Manual

Online Resources & Mobile App

Besides, you would get access to use the tools from below to download and implement in your School from Day 1 to
drive admissions, simplify management, increase profit and boost satisfaction.
• School Management System and Parent App
• Knowledge Resource Centre
• Online Ordering and Tracking
• Admission Leads Management
• Recruitment Support
• Training Videos

We bring you great education solutions, simple business tools and a team of experts – so you can focus on delivery of quality program for joyful learning experiences, easily.

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