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SWAP21 - EYFS Curriculum for Preschools

In a nutshell, At SWAP21, we think deeper about your School – what’s working and what potential lies ahead. From Academics to Admissions to Parent Satisfaction, we’re with you as partners on the whole journey. Helping you make it every step of the way. We want you to focus on what you are best at – nurture students and make their learning experience joyful!

School success goes far beyond great teaching. In today’s competitive environment, the School has to focus on recruiting and retaining teachers, training and developing them, designing an inspiring campus, ensuring smooth and efficient systems in operating the school, managing the finances, ensuring parent satisfaction, using latest technology tools and above all constantly looking for new admissions.

Frequently Asked Questions

SWAP21 offers branded curriculum, expert tools, services, and personalised consultation to help you manage your school efficiently and profitably. Our promise is to help you deliver great education, easily. With SWAP21, your preschool gets a complete academic eco-system with tools, systems and know-how that can help you increase admissions and shrug-off the label of “Unbranded Preschool”.

SWAP21 is presently offered only for students aged 2 – 6 years studying in pre-nursery to KG2.

When a School subscribes to SWAP21,


  • Students aged 2 – 6 years (from Pre-Nusery to KG2) get a set of workbooks based on EYFS Curriculum incorporating the 16 Habits of Mind along with Table Top Calendar, Almanac / School Diary and
  • Parents get Mobile App for easy communication with School along with internationally benchmarked Report cards and Portfolio Folder of their children
  • Teachers get access to complete manuals detailing the curriculum for the year with monthly over views, weekly planners and Daily Lesson Plans. Additionally, each of them get access to high quality training material and videos
  • Centre Head or Coordinator gets centre manuals for special events, pre-learning program, off-site teacher’s training, webinars, and access to treasure trove of systems, formats and templates
  • School Owner gets School Management Software, Recruitment Supports, Online Leads generated through digital marketing and high quality curriculum with easy management systems for better parent satisfaction and enrolments. You also get enrolled into an attractive reward points and get opportunity to win the 21st Century Network School Certification over a period of time.

SWAP21 provides workbooks for students along with number of manuals for students, including daily lesson plans. We also give the academic calendar, school almanac, Mobile App for Parents, School Management Software, recruitment support, online leads for admissions and the entire academic eco-system that is required to run your school efficiently and profitably. We help you throughout the journey of delivering great education, easily.

No, SWAP21 is not a franchisee system. There is No royalty, No Deposits, No Franchisee Fee. You simply pay for the number of student kits that you would like to order with us. There are no other hidden costs or taxes or delivery charges.

No Royalty. No Franchise Fee. No Setup FeeTAKE YOUR PRESCHOOL TO NEXT LEVEL

SWAP21 - Schools Without Any Pressure

SWAP21, or Schools Without Any Pressure for 21st Century Students & Teachers, is designed to help you deliver quality, joyful learning experience easily.

  • Preschool Curriculum (workbooks + Manuals + System of Learning)
  • Bonus Curriculum and Activities for Mother Toddler and Day Care Programs
  • Mobile App for Parents
  • ERP for School Management
  • Online Lead Generation by us for your School admissions
  • Recruitment support for quality teachers
  • Round the year online and offline training (Learn As You Go)
  • Free Access to our Treasure Trove of knowledge resources
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